Carmin (left) and Sherry (right)
This past week I was very fortunate to attend the MAGIC Tradeshow in Las Vegas. After wandering around for hours, one of the booths had approached me and complimented on my glasses. Sherry and Carmin began to ask me about what my interest which led to them introducing me to their company. After hearing the story I immediately felt a connection to the brand. Half United is an accessories brand which give back 50% of their profits to feed children. Below is a video about the brand and how they created and began this great journey to end the global hunger epidemic. I could genuinely hear the passion and sincerity coming through their voices while talking to them about their brand. I was lucky enough to purchase two of their items, which I am in love with. One of the pieces is a  tricolored necklace which is made from a recycled bullet casting representing your fight against hunger. With their clean and sleek designs, Half United jewelry has become a brand that I am excited to follow and continue to shop from in the future. Their jewelry serves as a great reminder and conversation piece representing the fight against. I highly recommend checking out their brand at and learning how you can contribute to this amazing cause. Also, a quick thank you to both Sherry and Carmin for being so kind in sharing your story with me! You both have left an impression on me that was truly inspiring.