Photographed by Smile, it's Jackie Photography 
"Where have you been?" "Do you still blog?" "How is your blog going?" "I haven't seen a post in a while." 
These are just a few comments that have come up during many of my conversations this year, and to be completely honest I do not know where I have been. One of the minor reasons has been trying to find a photographer to take my pictures they way I envision them. My friends who took my past photos have since graduated and moved back home. My mind has been strictly focusing on figuring out the bigger question from everyone "What are your plans after graduation?" The thought of not having a job lined up or knowing what I want to do still frightens me. I have taken a lot of time to focus on myself and to enjoy my final year at university before it comes to an end. This past year was quite eventful from meeting Project Runway Contestants to traveling across the world. Slowly but surely I will get back into the blogging cycle and post on a regular basis. Until then my post are going to be somewhat sporadic as I edit my pictures from my traveling so bare with me. 
Daniel Esquivel and Peach Carr (Photographed by Tucson John)