I had the opportunity to stop by the ASOS office while I was in NYC. I couldn't have been more excited to see where the magic happens and have a glance behind the scenes of ASOS. After chatting with some of the members, I was able to roam around and look at the new clothing for next seasons A/W 2014. I noticed a lot of neoprene fabrics along with other textures and prints. The men's collection was minimal and stayed monochromatic while the women's collection was well embellished and brightly colored. I'm excited to see these items pop up on the site to have the opportunity to purchase them. With a clean sleek atmosphere, the office was the perfect place to create and gain inspiration. The workers worked closely together as if they were a family. They were all dressed in their own unique styles and you could tell that they all loved their job. I left the office thinking "this is the kind of job I want to have" somewhere where I can express my creativity and work with a group of people that share the same passion.