One thing that I believe people tend to neglect is their skincare, especially men. Though fashion is something that I am truly passionate about, skincare is something that I take seriously as well. I believe that skincare is an extension of fashion in the sense of looking your best. A good skincare routine is starts with understanding your skin type whether it be normal, dry, oily or combination (this can change depending on the season). After trail and error I have come to the conclusion that Asian skin care products are the only products that truly work and show results. Acne and the scars that come afterwards have been an issue for me ever since I started college. I tried everything from chemical peels to every possible drugstore product out there to solve my acne problems, but nothing seemed to help. It wasn't until I stared using Asian skin care products were I began to see my skin become much clearer and brighter. Since then, I will only use Asian skin care products (with the few exceptions of some American brands) to keep my skin healthy and clearer. Because these products are hard to come across by in most states, I went a little crazy in New York and purchased some "holy grail" products that people swear by. I will do reviews of these products once I have used them for a while, but until then here are the descriptions of the products and why they are good.

1. Shiseido Perfect Whip Facial Wash- Shiseido has a drug store line in Japan which is more affordable when compared to their higher end line that is sold in the states. The product is famous for its affordability while still having the effective of their higher end line. 

2. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner- Etude House is a Korean Brand that caries quality products at an affordable price. This specific toner contains salicylic acid and hinoki cypress extract which helps remove pore clogging residue that creates acne. 

3. The Face Shop Chia Seed Water 100- Chia Seed is not only good for you health wise but it is also good for your skin. This moisturizer contains 100% chia seed extract instead of water to keep your skin moisturized all day. 

4. My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks- These are the best sheet masks I have tried. With their wide assortment of masks there is one for any skin type and problem.

5. Cure Natural Aqua Gel- Cure is the top selling product in Japan. It is a natural gel exfoliant that removes layers of dead skin which helps your products absorb better.

6. Daisan 5-layer Cotton Puff- Yes, it may seem crazy that I purchased cotton pads but Asian cotton pads do not absorb your products like the American ones do. Because of this you get more use out of your products and save money.

7. Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off- This exfoliating wash off mask from Skin Food contains rice extracts which helps with brightening and soothing of the skin.

8. Shiseido Urea Body Cream- My hands have been extremely dry lately and this Shiseido moisturizer improves dryness and flakiness of the skin.