Photographed by Nicholas Ong
While in DC I got caught in the polar vortex. I have never been this cold in my entire life; the wind and leftover snow didn't help with that either. Growing up in Arizona I have never experienced snowfall and I can say it gets old after a couple of days. Learning how to layer as much clothing as possible was a challenge for me but after awhile I became so numb to the weather it didn't seem as bad.  The extreme weather also caused me to stay a couple more days then planned because flights were being canceled. Though it was an experience I am actually happy to be back in the valley of the sun for once. Until next time DC!
From Shoes to Specs
Shoes - Levi's
Jeans - Children's Jeans
Shirt - H&M
Cardigan - UNIQLO
Jacket - H&M
Transparent Bow Tie - Self Made
Sunglasses - Gucci
Bag - Jack Spade