Photographed by: Ali Adams from alitrishadams photography
This has to be one of my top five favorite posts so far because of the format that is was captured on. My amazing friend Ali captured these phenomenal shots using Medium format, 120mm color film. This was my first time being shot with film in quite some time now and forgot how much I rely on a digital screen to quickly look at the picture before taking more. Not being able to see the outcome of the pictures immediately after killed me because I didn't know what to expect or how they looked until they were printed. Let me tell you the wait was well worth it. Ali was able to capture some amazing shots that I couldn't be happier with. The quality and character that film adds to a picture is unbelievable. We both share a similar creative mindset which helps the process of creating something much more easier. I cannot wait for our next collaboration in the near future.
*Note: A link to Ali's site and work will be posted soon.