Photographed by Kyle Ong
Believe it or not I studied veterinary sciences for a year and a half before switching to my current major retailing and consumer sciences. Though veterinary sciences and retailing and consumer sciences are polar opposites, I never lost my love for animals. The weather has been perfect lately which makes it more enjoyable to walk your dogs. Meet Baileymy brother's french bulldog. To say I'm a little bit obsessed with him is an understatement. It was hard to tell if I was walking Bailey or if he was waking me. To keep it simple I wore my favorite D.I.Y shirt and black jeans. The shirt was inspired by the ones I have seen over the internet that were about $50 when it was about $15 dollars for me to replicate. To see more of Bailey make sure to follow him on Intsagram.

From Shoes to Specs
Shoes- Steve Madden
Jeans- H&M Children's
T Shirt- H&M with D.I.Y Praduh
Sunglasses- Gucci