Photographed by Joscelyne Felix
For today's outfit I decided to mix both cool and warm neutrals to create a look that is perfect for fall. Dressing for this time of the year is a bit difficult in Arizona because of the unpredictable weather. Recently, I have been attending info sessions for internships were business casual is appropriate. I have been mixing and matching my blazers and shirts to utilize what I have in my closet as well as having different looks with the same pieces. When something states "business casual" I have noticed that many students stick to their traditional slacks and a shirt. For me, on the other hand, I try to stick to my style aesthetic while staying appropriate to the occasion. I find I am more confident when wearing something that is my style but when I am wearing something that isn't, I become uncomfortable. 
From Shoes to Specs
1. Shoes- Steve Madden
2. Pants- H&M Children
3. Belt- TOPMAN
4. Shirt-H&M
5. Blazer- H&M Conscious Collection 
6. Transparent Bow tie- Self Made
7. Glasses- Marc by Marc Jacobs