This summer I was able to finally have a vacation instead of my short trips that I have been taking during the year. I haven't had a real vacation since my freshman year of college because of summer school. So this summer I decided to only take one summer session so I can relax for the month of July. My first trip was to Los Angeles for a week to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday. Then I flew to San Francisco two days after getting back from LA. These are the essentials that I tend to carry in my bag when I am flying. I have been obsessed with my Jack Spade 'York' Camo Briefcase ever since I purchased it in DC during spring break. It is the perfect sized bag for school, traveling, or for daily use.These are my staples that I always carry for when I'm traveling as well as for going to class. The items are listed below.
1. Glasses Case- Marc Jacobs
2. iPhone 5
3. SPF Lip Balm- Nivea 
4. Up & Up Hand Sanitizer-Target
5. Bandages 
6.  H2O Hand Cream-Daiso
7. iPhone charger
8. Headphones- Beats by Dre
9. Hand Lotion- EOS
10. Spare glasses-
11. Summer Fruit Lip Balm- EOS
12. Travel Size Hair Spray- Big Sexy Hair
13. Camera- Nikon
14. Trident Gum
15. Up & Up Blotting Sheets- Target
16. Kodak Glasses Cleaner
17. Purell Hand Sanitizer 
18. Ice Breaker Mints
19. Sample of Lady Gaga's Fame Fragrance
20. Wallet- Marc Jacobs
21. Metal Business Card Case- Daiso
22. iPod touch
23. Hand Cream- L'occitane 
24. Finally my beauty secret, Starbucks napkins! When I run out of blotting sheets or feeling more oily than normal these are a life saver. They are made out of 100% recycled materials which make them great for oil absorbing. Every time I go to Starbucks I grab some to keep in my bag.