Finding the right pair of boots can take a while to find. Once you have found the perfect pair you realize that they are way out of your price range. This is always the case whenever I find a good pair of boots or any type of shoe for that matter. Because of this I decided to take a pair of my dad's old boots that he had given me and paint them white. Here's what you'll need: A pair of boots (or shoes) that you want to paint, blue painter's tape, Tulip fabric paint, brushes, and nail polish (optional).
 First begin by cleaning the surface of your shoes so the paint can adhere better. Since my buckle was gold I wanted to paint it black to match the zipper. This is an optional step depending on your shoes. I decided to just take black nail polish that was less then two dollars to paint the buckle and rivets. Again this is an optional step depending on your shoes. The reason why I decided to use nail polish was because it is inexpensive and I didn't need a big bottle of black paint for something so small. After tape the heel and sole edges to prevent paint from getting on there.
Finally, begin painting and layering as many coats until you reach your desired color. It took me about five to six coats of paint to achieve the color I wanted. Make sure to allow the paint to sit as directed otherwise it can easily get scuffed or possibly crack if it is not fully dried. 
PS This is the perfect project to revamp old shoes or shoes that you have thrifted.