Photographed by Kyle Ong
After a couple of months the Prabal Gurung for Target has finally dropped to 70% off. I have been keeping any eye on the pieces for a while now and it has finally reached a price that I can justify paying at. Besides watching the prices of the garments, I have been looking at them to see how I can alter them to make them something else (since they were all women pieces). The dress that was in the First Date Print was perfect to create into a t shirt was so simple to do. I bought the dress for only $10 and altered it into a t shirt. I'm so excited to have a t shirt to match my sweater because that means I can wear it year round. Here are the steps to create your t shirt. *Note: The dress is not 70% off yet online.
Photographed by Kyle Ong
1. Grab all of your materials *don't wait to purchase your dress, I have a feeling they are going to go fast.       
2. Sewing needles and seam ripper.
3. Start by unhemming the bottom skirt from the top portion.
4. Gently pull the two sections apart to make the unhemming process easier.
Photographed by Kyle Ong
5. After unhemming the bottom, keep the material  to reuse it in the future to make a bow tie or pocket square. 
6. Start pinning your raw edges by using the unhemmed marks as a guideline.
7. You can either hem the shirt by hand or use a sewing machine to hem the t shirt.
8. Now your dress has become a t shirt.
PS Don't just look at clothes as they are, view them differently to see how they can evolve to something else. I mean who would have thought turning a dress into a t shirt?