The month of March was filled with celebrations and much needed vacations. I celebrated my 21st birthday and From Shoes to Specs celebrated its first. Believe it or not it has already been a year since I started this blog. I remember when this crazy idea came into my mind to start a fashion blog, but was hesitant because I was afraid of the responses would receive. It all started with my first post "Waking Up In Vegas" (pictured above) and since then I have done my best to keep up with it. You have been with me through my crazy hair changes, my traveling, and a couple of DIY's. Many great things have happened this year such as being recognized in multiple media sources around campus or being photographed by June Ambrose. I couldn't have imagined any of this happening to me in a million years. So I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me though this journey. And a special thank you to my friends and family who have had to put up with me by taking all of my pictures because without you this blog wouldn't exist. 
PS Stay tuned for a BIG surprise to come in the near future trust me you won't be disappointed.