So I decided to combine my favorite pictures from my NYC trip into one post, because I didn't want to bore you all with my trip since it happened almost a month ago. This is what I get for not keeping up with my blogging...sorry guys! Anyway, my time in New York was amazing except for one thing, not having enough time to do everything that was on my must see list. Since our free time was limited, we had to move quickly when going from place to place. Our hotel was centrally located which was convenient because everything was walking distance. We started our day off by visiting the FIT Museum as well as their campus. And that's when I saw it, an Alexander McQueen piece from the Spring Summer collection from 2010! I couldn't believe my eyes. An iconic piece from one of the best collections that walked down the runway was right in front of me! Another exhibit we saw was titled IVY Style and it showcased the evolution of men's blazers, polos, and button downs etc. I was surrounded by multiple pieces from Thom Browne's collections and from other well known designers. It was really hard for me to not reach out and grab some of the pieces since they were right in front of me. Being aware that these pieces had just been on the runway made it even more difficult! I would have loved to show you pictures of this amazing exhibit but unfortunately cameras were not allowed. After visiting the men's exhibit, we strolled around FIT's campus to look at some of the students' creations (take a look at the dress made out of hair shown above). After being inspired by such creative creations, we went to Mood Fabrics. This is the place where I pretended to be on Project Runway and let me tell you, I don't know how the contestants find their fabrics so quickly because it was a maze in there! The fabrics were amazing to say the least but not in my price range. I did, however, pick up some hardware embellishments that I am planning to use for some fun DIY's- be on the lookout for those! After such an adventurous morning, it was time to go to our next BRAG event which consisted of visiting Sean Jean's showroom. To finish off the night, my group and I roamed around the city- the city that never sleeps. 
PS Sadly, I didn't have enough time to take pictures of my daily outfits since I had too many things going on during my stay. Break downs of my outfits from will be posted once it gets colder in Arizona so that I can recreate them.