This weekend, I volunteered backstage in BRAG's (Black Retail Action Group) second annual fashion show. And all I can say is…what a great experience it was! Our theme “The Bold and The Beautiful” says it all. You don’t have to be the stereotypical model that media portrays but rather to embrace your inner and outer beauty and to be the person you were born to be. With local designers from Porcelain, French Kind, Haute Chocolate, and Lollipop Culture Shop as well as vendors like Buffalo Exchange, Dillards, and Marshalls; provided us with unique trendy clothes to fit our theme. Even though we have practiced the sequence multiple times, it was still nerve racking as the show came closer. I was responsible to change outfits  for two models, Monica and Jennifer who were seriously the best girls to work with. The adrenaline and excitement that came when the show began was unreal. The entire time I kept thinking "this is probably mild to nothing compared to what New York Fashion Week is like." The purpose of the fashion show was to not only showcase local designers but to also help fund out trip to New York to attend the BRAG Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala. With a packed audience, I have to say we did an amazing job raising funds for our New York trip. After the long hours rehearsing and prepping for the show it was all worth it in the end even if it became a little hectic at times. I met and worked with so many great people at this event I couldn't ask for a better outcome.
PS After applying to attend the  BRAG Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala...I got accepted. I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!!!
From Shoes to Specs
1. Glitter Oxfords- Urban Outfitters(DIY Glitter)
2. Black Jeans- UNIQLO
3. Leather Belt
4. Black Button Down Shirt- H&M
5. Clear Spiked Bow Tie- DIY
6. Matte Black Glasses- Armani Exchange
*I know I've been wearing the same thing in my last three or so post...but the theme always seems to be all black or dressy! And I keep gravitating to this. I promise to wear some more exciting outfits soon!