Photographed by Nicholas Ong
Although I wasn't able to attend Fashions Night Out in New York, I was able to attend the one in Tucson. You are probably thinking how could such a small city have Fashions Night Out... though it wasn't as big as it would have been if I were in a larger city, Tucson put their own little spin on it. It was great to see local retailers that I have never heard of; come to this event to bring a sample of what their store has to offer. I discovered some hidden treasures that I wouldn't have known about if I didn't attend this event. Also, one of the clubs that I am involved in "TREND" at my university had a booth to promote our club and to get our name out there. TREND is a club that is focused on the business side of the fashion industry, but also a club for students who adore fashion. We were trying to raise money by selling our club t-shirts so we could possibly attend the MAGIC show in Vegas and for other big events that our club has in plan this year. The night was also filled with a little bit of networking and getting our pictures taken by random photographers. I decided to wear all black for a classic sleek look but added an edginess with my clear DIY accessories that have been my go to items at the moment. Hopefully next year I will be able to attend the real Fashions Night Out in NYC (cross your fingers)!
PS I apologize for the lack of photos; the weather was terrible that night which lead to bad lighting.
Photographed by Nicholas Ong
From Shoes to Specs
1. Combat Boots- Guess
2. Black Jeans- UNIQLO
3. Clear Clutch- DIY
4. Leather Belt
5. Black Button Down Shirt- H&M
6. Clear Spiked Bow Tie- DIY
7. Matte Black Glasses- Armani Exchange