IT'S ANNIE FROM WEAR IT BOTH WAYS!!! This past Thursday I attended the BRAG meeting with Gap Inc. I have been looking forward to this event ever since I heard about it. I kept asking Marcela if she thought Annie would be coming, because she is an alumni and works for Gap Inc. When we sat down, Marcela grabbed my arm and said "Look who's right across the table." It honestly took me a second to actually believe my eyes, that someone we have been following and admiring style from was sitting in the same room as us. I literally ran over to her and ask "Are you Annie?!" I felt as if I was talking so fast that she didn't even have time to answer my questions. I was so starstruck I started to shake from excitement because for me bloggers are my celebrities! I had so many questions and complements to say but I didn't know where to begin. As soon as I knew it the presentation was about to start. There wasn't one moment in the presentation where I wasn't excited. The more and more they were explaining the opportunities that the company offers, I couldn't stop thinking that this is what I want to do! The presentation provided some great tips for interviewing and how to stand out from the crowd. Out of all the presentations I have sat through, this, hands down, was one of the most informative and helpful. After the lecture I couldn't help but ask Annie some more questions and of course take some pictures. She was so friendly and approachable that it felt like I was having a casual conversation with a friend.Though we weren't wearing it both ways I have to say we looked pretty good!
PS Thank you so much Annie for being so kind and patient with me; I was freaking out when I met you.
From Shoes to Specs (Hers)
1.Polka Dot Pants- AG Jeans
2.Tank- Madewell

From Shoes to Specs (His)
1. Black Doors Boots- Steve Madden
2. Black Jeans- H&M
3. Black Button Down Shirt- H&M
4. Clear Bow Tie- DIY
5. Matte Black Glasses- Armani Exchange