Surprise! Yes I have been keeping this a secret from you all for a while now and it has finally been published and ready for me to share with you. Two weeks ago I was approached by one of the "style gurus" from college fashionista asking to take pictures of my hair. Yes I know my hair is really bushy and long at the moment, but I was flattered to finally be featured on a website for college fashion. Since last year it was my goal to be seen by one of the "style gurus" but it just never happened so I had to jump on the opportunity. Fortunately, she caught me on the day I did the collaboration with Marcela or else I wouldn't have been as put together as I would have liked. Hopefully this will be the beginning of being featured on a fashion have to start somewhere right?  If the text is too hard to read in the collage you can find the post (here).
PS Tucson's Fashion's Night Out is tonight, which means pics of the night will be coming soon. 

From Shoes to Specs
*For outfit details see previous post