... Cuz We Wanna Live The Life Of The Rich And  Famous! Look who's on the flyer for an up coming fashion show..yours truly! Wow, I honestly can't believe all of these fun and exciting opportunities that are happening in my life right now. It is truly such an honor to get involved and showcased in so many projects.(cross your fingers that they keep coming...Derek needs to attend fashion week next year!) Anyways, one of the retail clubs "BRAG" on campus is producing a fashion show next week that will benefit our club.This past week I was approached by one of the members offering me to be featured on the flyer for my style. I immediately said "I'll do it!" After sifting through my post they decided on this one. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and can't wait to see these posted around campus.
PS If you are in Tucson come by and support BRAG! I'm selling tickets if you want to come!