I'm sure all of you are familiar with this blazer since it has been in multiple outfits. In a couple post back I mentioned that I would do a post on how I purchased a blazer for a bargain so here it is. After rummaging through the many racks of clothing in the store I came across this blazer shoved in the back. I was amazed on how inexpensive it was and couldn't miss out on this offer. The quality of the blazer is much better than previous H&M blazers, because in my option the quality of their clothing has drastically changed over the years...but we won't get into that. Even though the blazer was already at a low price I wanted to take a risk and try to use a coupon. Depending on the sales associate they will either let you use a coupon on clearance or they won't (so try and go to someone nice). Luckily I was able to receive the additional percentage off. I love the details on the blazer with the pockets and the inner lining as well. I added a Phantom of the Opera Broadway pin to the lapel for some fun. Hopefully I'll be posting more outfits soon, summer school just started so we'll see.
PS If you subscribe for H&M's emails you will receive a 20% off coupon. If you are already a subscriber just use a different email to receive the coupon. Never pay full price for H&M if you don't have to!