Photographed by Colin Prenger
The weather in Tucson is always changing from windy to extremely hot which makes it difficult to decide what to wear. Even though you check the weather online it's never accurate...lets be honest. Because of this I try my best to dress appropriately for the Arizona weather. On this day it was a little warm but a bit breezy in the shade, as a result I decided to wear a tank top but throw on a scarf because of the random breeze. The outfit was inspired by the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Men's collections where they incorporated a bold bulky scarf to mix prints and texture. I did the same to add POC to my look.
PS for accessories such as scarves I recommend browsing the children's section. Typically they are one size fits all so why not save money? I bought this scarf from the children's section on sale for $3!
Photographed by Colin Prenger
Photographed by Colin Prenger
From Shoes to Specs
1.Black Doors Boots- Steve Madden
2.Skinny Jeans- H&M
3.Tank Top Bar III- Macy's
4.Aztec Scarf- H&M
5.Silver Black Leather Bracelet- Hermes 
6.Matte Black Glasses- Armani Exchange