I have been wearing glasses since I was in the second grade so I have been through many phases and styles over the years. Though I haven't collected my glasses since the second grade but I'm sure I still have a couple somewhere at home. The six that I have here are the ones that I wear on a daily basis. Though I stick to the three in the front the most you'll catch me wearing the other ones once and a while. I tend to gravitate towards the ones in front because they are more distinctive and unique. The ones in the back are more of the same style and color so I don't wear them as often. You may be wondering why I have so many glasses...well it's because my prescription doesn't change drastically every year so I  just stared to collect them. Eventually they will all be in an outfit sooner or later...but until then here is a look at my collection.
PS Treat glasses like an accessory because it can either make or break the outfit so find a pair that will complement your daily wardrobe.
Specs (from back to front)
1.Black Rimless- Jai Kudo
2.Black Front Crystal Sides-ProdesignDenmark
3.Silver Front Dark Blue Sides- Jai Kudo
4.Crystal White- Emporio Armani
5.Matte Tortoise Sunglasses- Gucci
6.Matte Black Glasses- Armani Exchange