Photographed by Colin Prenger 
I know its been a long time since I have posted but school has been extremely busy. But that shouldn't be an excuse for me to neglect my blog. So I decided to come back not with a fizzle but a bang (of color)! Lately I have been experimenting with color blocking the crap out of my wardrobe and surprisingly liking it a lot. I am a huge fan of my neutrals but recently I have taken my color pieces to a whole new level.  Though I was hesitant at first to wear so much color in one outfit you can say I'm kind of obsessed now. The only thing that would complete my wardrobe at the moment would be some mint green pieces. I've been on the search for mint green pieces for a while but haven't found the perfect ones if you have any suggestions please share since mint is the new black!
PS find boots that are versatile with jeans and shorts so you can wear them year'll be seeing these ASOS boots a lot in my outfits they are my favorite.
Photographed by Colin Prenger 

From Shoes to Specs
1.Wrap Around Strap Boots- ASOS
2.Red Shorts/Belt- Abercrombie Kids
3.Stinky Rat Crew Long Sleeve- Marc by Marc Jacobs 
4.Matte Black Glasses- Armani Exchange