Last Friday I flew to Las Vegas, NV for the day just to go to the TOPSHOP/TOPMAN opening weekend. For those who are not familiar with TOPSHOP/TOPMAN it is the largest fashion store in with world offering the latest British trends. I have always just browsed TOPMAN online but was hesitant to buy because I didn't know my size and I like to try the clothes on.
The window displays and mannequins throughout the store were some of the best I have seen in stores because they don't cater just to one specific style but to many different styles so that it appeals to all shoppers.  The displays were so inspirational I was getting ideas for future outfits but figuring out how to put my own twist on them. 
TOPSHOP/TOPMAN offers a personal shopping service free of charge for their customers. Depending on your needs, how much time you have, trend updates, etc. they are able to accommodate you as best as they can. 
Below are a few of the many outfits I tried on:
My stylists Ginger(left) and Klarissa (right)  were the most helpful and kindest associates that I have met. Both were able to pull clothes that fit my style and size. However one problem that I encountered was the range of sizes that they have varying depending on style. Because they are a British brand I felt that the clothes ran extremely small even for me (considering I still purchase in the childrens). This was a major bummer because I was in between sizes meaning only certain things actually fit correctly. So for anyone who has never been to TOPSHOP and are interested in purchasing online I would make sure to check the size chart and even going a size or two higher. But I highly recommend going in store to try things on because I know I would have had to return everything if I purchased online before trying it on.
*PS Please ignore my hair after trying so much clothes on it messed it up!!
After spending two hours in the dressing room I was unable to purchase most of the clothing because of size issues and prices. I did end up buying some of the clothes that they have picked out for me. I decided on six tops that could be layered/styled easily and the blue jeans because I have been searching for the right fit of colored jeans.
Since it was the opening weekend for the store they still had giveaways for a minimum purchase. Below was a gift bag which included: a tie, pocket square, belt, and a magazine. Overall it was an amazing experience with the store and personal shopper I will definitely be flying to Vegas more often to shop.